Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

If you know us, you know we love celebrating holidays.  ALL holidays.  Today was no exception.  Tuesdays are always our busy day of the week, but between preschool, work, ballet, and acrobats, we still managed to find some ways to celebrate Mardi Gras.

We had paczki for breakfast.  (I know, mother of the year, right?  I basically gave my child a super fatty, sugary, filled pastry and sent her off to school.)  We made jambalaya in the slow cooker for dinner, insisted that even Daddy join us in wearing purple and green Mardi Gras beads, and watched Disney's Princess and the Frog to end our day.  Not the wild party you think of for a Mardi Gras celebration, but with a three year old, we don't get too crazy.

Now, the next question is what to give up for Lent?  Do I dare try giving up my delicious Coca-Cola again?  I'm addicted to the caffeine, and while I've reduced the amount I drink, I just can't seem to quit completely.  Anyone else have plans to give up something for Lent?

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