Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Projects

Now that our Mardi Gras festivities are over, Scout and I have started on some St. Patrick's Day craft projects.  Here's what we've been working on.

Handprint Shamrocks

We have a few inexpensive, white frames that we use to display Scout's artwork.  After looking at the same crayon masterpieces for a while, we decided we needed something new. 

We originally saw this idea on Pinterest.  You can check out the blog this project was originally posted on here.  These were super easy to make, and of course Scout loves anything involving paint and getting messy.  I painted green paint on her hand and she just pressed it on the paper. We kept turning the paper and after four handprints, we had a perfect four-leaf clover.  Scout added the stems with her paintbrush and they were finished.  Quick, easy, and cute for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day T-shirt

For Valentine's Day, we found the cutest t-shirt idea in the February 2012 issue of Family Fun magazine.  Family Fun Adoily-able T-shirt.  The paper doily as a stencil was a terrific idea and we thought we could definitely use this idea for other holidays.

We found the green t-shirt on the clearance rack at our local Michael's store.  We simply took four small heart-shaped paper doilies and arranged them in a four-leaf clover shape.  We used double-sided tape to hold the hearts in place while we used a foam brush to stencil the white fabric paint on.  Pull the hearts off, paint a stem for the shamrock, and you're finished.  Wish I could've gotten a picture of the shirt on Scout, but she wasn't in the mood to model this morning. 

I'm not sure what other ways we'll find to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Last year we made a "Leprechaun Trap."  We may try that again.  While the leprechaun escaped from our "trap," he did leave Scout a pile of gold (chocolate) coins.  How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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